Monday, September 15, 2014

Very Late

    That post that I kept saying I would do, sadly, is not to be now. I was planning to do a whole post on Cadair Braeden and some of the freebies available there, along with some discount/cheap things. That is not to be because Cadair is not existing in the same state any longer. I am so happy it still exists, which makes me beyond thrilled because I count it as my home after all these years, but it is different. Smaller. Still pretty, if more even. Still with the people I know. But smaller. I don't mind small, sometimes small works.
    But, there is part of that post I can still do, which is to essentially advertise for my friend, Mederia's, store. She has this lovely gatcha that is only 12 lindens (!) per play, and the ultra rare is that you get all of the necklaces. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the gatcha itself, but there are eighteen necklaces to play for; some stone colored, some metal colored, some natural colors, some with a light or dark version available separately. The stones are the rare. So, if you get the ultra rare, for 12 lindens, you'll get four rares, plus all the other necklaces. It's actually probably the best gatcha setup I have seen, since it is the cheapest one I have heard of so far.
Twig Necklace in Amythest
    Mederia had been nice enough to pass me one of her necklaces, of my choice, since she claims I helped her somehow. Still doubtful of that, but lovely necklace yet. That's just one of the colors, and there are more to be had, same style, different colors. I really do think you ought to give it a shot if you ever happen to want a leafy sort of necklace for whenever. Or even if you 'just' like accessories.
   Taxi here ( *Mederia* ) for anyone who reads and wishes to go. ( she has nice non-gatcha stuff, too, in case you wondered ;) ) Contemplate. Want. Then go and try your luck. :)