Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let's Go Exploring!

    The other day I was looking for a jungle-African Savannah-type sim, but I ended up finding none. My reason had been because I had found this neat (free) skin on marketplace and ended up styling around it and wanted to go take pictures someplace fitting. For some unknown reason I couldn't find anything the like. In Firestorm search I typed 'jungle', 'Africa', 'rainforest' all to no avail. So, I went to the real life section of the destination guide on Second Life's website; everything but Africa or jungles! Ugh. I was frustrated and tempted to go curl up in a corner for a good bit, but then I decided to just take a break and go look through some LMs of mine. I went to a few sims I like before I remembered Strawberry Singh had a meme about exploring SL. So, sighing at myself for remembering that after leaving the sims, I retraced my steps, turning my shadows and atmospheric shaders on, then bumping up my draw distance. I even managed to get some decent pics without being crashed once! Success!

    I'm not sure what it is, but this place just has this...whimsical, romantic feel. The connecting sim, Oubliette seems to have a similar vibe...I just haven't made it over that way just yet. There's some danceballs and such scattered about and more colorful flowers, which is a must in my book. Very naturic and perfect for if you're looking for a place for softer pictures and such. It's one of those places I still want to stick my fae in and take a few pictures of her frolicking about. Seems just perfect for that.

    I had to take at least two pics for this sim because it does vary. There are also a lot of clickables, one being a giant hot air balloon unless I'm mistaken. But this sim is based off the place that Beatrix Potter (author of stories like Peter Rabbit) wrote her books, as well as some of her stories. When you enter the sim, it takes you to a little welcoming area that gives you two NCs, one being about her life. I thought that was interesting to learn some more about this children's writer. The sim itself is gorgeous and has this whimsy to it. If you can't tell by now, whimsy and fantasy is something I love in any sim. And this one certainly does it right. There are different little parts that are from her stories scattered about the sim and multiple area to explore or just take pictures.

    Unfortunately, the leaf textures didn't want to load for me at all when I was taking these pics. So, even though I have one that better shows the sim, this picture will have to do since the awkward leaves just make the place look...not so good. Anyhow, the Garden of Dreams has a few slightly varied areas. I went to the great tree one which, you guessed it, has a giant tree. You have to choose where you want to go from the boards near where you land so you can be TPed there. There are clickies all around, for couples and singles, which is something I love about it. Anyplace with clickies with decent animations or poses and I'm in. Granted, a log i clicked had three options labeled 'sex' and that had me thinking that anyone willing to try that would have a few splinters...but I digress. It's a nice, peaceful-feeling sim that I have yet to finish with all the clicking.
    Also, another word in its favor; it worked awesomely for my tigertype outfit I had thrown together!

    On a side note, I had planned to do this on another blog, but since I decided last minute to use a picture with my outfit in this one...this the stuff so you can be kittyfied and rawr at people without seeming crazy :P

Skin: ~*Hiyori*~ruby black - cat2 -
Outfit: :.Envious.: Animalistic (SLurl, group gift) *She also has some nice skins available as well as                                                                                           clothes.
Hair: Eaters Coma - Gift 01 (SLurl, group gift) *Comes with a HUD for multiple, natural hair colors.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Demoness in Ghostville

    So, I went to a place called Ghostville. I think I'm in love. The sim is really pretty with little bits made to look like drawings (even drawn hearts in drawn rain, not that that stayed loaded whenever I tried for pictures, but still) and, even better, lots of clickies! I still have to go back to get more pictures and to click all the things, of course.
    But what had had me find the place was the fat I was looking for someplace that would work for a witch-demon-thingy. On the suggestion of a friend, I was going to try to find some Greek or Roman baths (hopefully without people around as being antisocial dictates :P ) but somehow Ghostville showed up in search and I remember seeing a couple pics from there on two of the blogs I read and decided to check it out. I couldn't have been more happy that I did go. My only issue was...lots of random people and pretty much all on voice. Maybe one or two seemed like they might be taking pictures, that's really the only time I'm not thinking 'flee!' when people are around, but the rest..well... I'm just glad I have voice turned off since I don't even want to imagine whatever conversation they may have been having. Sure, they may have been debating some serious issues, but I highly doubt that...
    In any case, I have pictures that were mostly inspired by this song I recently heard and can't get out of my head. I'll post the pics then the video. Something that should be noted; the black 'smudges' on the third is supposed to be drawn rain drops and drawn hearts, but the textures decided to go into mutiny. Besides that, enjoy. :)

    I'll admit it, the dress and horned crown were from the fantasy gatcha fair, which is closed by now. I had a few lindens that weren't able to really buy anything elsewhere and I kind of really wanted that dress, partially for my roleplay character, so I caved. And for only fifty...I can't argue. Hell, if I only wanted the crown, I got that the first time around and it would have been only twenty-five...but I digress. I still suggest you go visit Ghostville, though, even if picture taking isn't your thing, it is really nice.
    Here's a slurl to help: Ghostville

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Only Time 42 is the Answer

Twirly, twirly...yea, I'm easily entertained...
    Definitely getting more into the swing of things once least if the fact I took a bunch of pictures means that. Though, sadly, my classes are starting back up for me soon so picture taking and such will be more pushed tot he weekend when I can stay up and not feel like passing out the moment I get home. Ah learning...
    Anyway, Strawberry Singh has another of her challenges I've been wanting to fill out and decided to do it between photo edits for another blog post. Seriously, though, this is the only time 42 is relative. No matter how many times you yell that as an answer to your history class's question, it won't be the answer. Enough of my rambling and onto the questions (you'll get more rambles after ;) ):
  1. Have you reached the 42 group limit? Not even close. I'm...picky, I guess, about my groups. That and I don't really go to too many stores since I seem to be perpetually broke except for the few, rare instances. Most of my store-type groups are part of a 'list' I have so that I can see what new things I want to add to said list, aptly named 'list of things I want, but can't yet get.' I would NC the list, but that would get buried god knows where and I would forget the name. Then I have my roleplay groups and that's only two sims, one I keep simply because I have a character approved there and some of the groups are invite only... Bit closer to the limit, though, after peering at answers to the meme and, yes, that also means my list has grown longer.
  2. Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? I've never had to. Really, if I leave a group, though it usually pains me as I had a good reason to join it, I don't ever join back because there isn't much of a reason for me to.
  3. What makes you want to join a group? Hm...that it's helpful and informative. Customer groups, if I like the store, I join so I can have their new releases on my long, long list. Also, freebies are always nice, too. Since I think it really just shows some appreciation for customers. And, yes, I said I'm broke but I always try to make sure to buy at least one thing from a store, when I have the lindens, if their group gives freebies...that way I don't feel like a freeloader. 
  4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees?  Personally I don't like group fees. Yes, it keeps out random people who are there for freebies only and spammers, but, at the same time, there are people already buying, or at least plan to buy for people like me, from that store that are in the group...charging them more, while it might sometimes be worth it, seems kinda pointless to me. Plus I'm wary of groups that might say they give free gifts/discounts/etc. if you pay how ever much, but don't back it up.
  5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that. Okay, this is a hard one as most of my groups are roleplay groups, but I do have two I would suggest.
    Image Essentials:  This group is for a whole sim, the Image Essentials sim, that has a bunch of different things for pictures. There's different area with props and poseballs scattered about, varying from a dark forest to a cottage, as well as pose studios. The studios are props with poses in them that are separated between group, couple, female, family, male, and backround (those have no poses in them). What the group itself is for is using the studios and rezzing your own props or poses on sim, that you obviously have to clean up afterward. But it's free and lets you use some thing son the sim and there's a photo competition every month where you could win some lindens. As well there are notices when there are photography classes.

   Something New: Not being biased cause I blog for this store (though I haven't been able to lately since most of the things are couples/friends that I've seen...and the two I would ask are busy lately), but there's nice poses and props. The group is free to join and, along with updates, there are group freebies.

    Okay, I know, giant white box...but I'll work on fixing it in the morning. Too lazy right now. :P But I had promised more rambling and I was serious...if only because I love my Alice outfit. I've had it for a short bit now, a friend had bought it for me,'s another one of those things I really, really don't want to take off. It's not mesh, far from it, but I do think it's really rather nice. Especially since the dress comes with two pocket options; one with things like a bunny, drink me vial, and pocket watch in it and one that's empty and you ca put your own stuff in. Haven't tried that last option myself just yet...but when I have things I want to put in there, I certainly plan to.

Hair: Magika Tomorrow (Link to demo)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Losing My Religon

    Yes, I haven't blogged in a while, but...there's been things keeping me from it. Mostly just RL stuff affecting my mood for anything picture or blog related. I'm back, though, and figured why not start with this neat challenge?

    Recently I came across a blog I have yet to peer at and saw a challenge that piqued my interest. I'm not sure how I got to it, but that's besides the point. You can read about the challenge itself here. Now, being the little hopeful writer I am, I couldn't much resist to put something in for this week. But before we get to that, I want to mention a couple things on my styling. The hair was one of the gifts at Hair Fair and, incase you're wondering, I chose the streaked naturals pack with the brown with blue streaks for that one hair. Probably when I have lindens I'll go to that store to find other styles and such stuff since...I like the HUD and stuff that can be done with it. Even if I were to get only one color pack with the paid for one, there still would be quite a few options it looks like.
    Anyway the undershirt was part of an outfit I got from a friend last summer I think. So it can't be bought on it's own as far as I'm aware. The top was also a gift from Hair Fair; chances are it's in the Heartless store, not sure though. And as i mentioned below, and probably on some past blog, the necklace is from an outfit. A very beautiful dress, yes, but if you only want the necklace, you would have to get the whole outfit that comes with it.
    Onto the challenge: I chose the prompt 'Losing my Religion'. I originally thought of the song and doing something inspired off of that, but I ended up changing my mind to what my entry is now; something a bit recent and more me. In anycase, my entry to the challenge is right below the picture. Hope y'all enjoy.
    I was born and raised, for most of my life so far, Catholic. I was baptized. I had my first communion. I went to Sunday school. I sang in the choir. I volunteered in the daycare with my mom. I almost went to a Catholic elementary school. Basically, I had a religious upbringing. That mostly had to deal with my grandma, though, and once she parents, brother, and I didn't go to church as much. I can still remember going to church with my aunt, mom, brother, grandma, cousin, and dad. I still remember skipping along the bricked sidewalk of Olde Town in my little 'heels', listening to clacking sound they made, and watching my skirt swish about. I loved it. Then after we all would go to Olde Country Buffet, eat, talk...and just be a family.
    My grandma died when I was about five. That death, the first death I really ever dealt with, really impacted me and still saddens me to this day. My family and I still went to church once she died, but it was less. My dad didn't go because the pews hurt his back, which he has problems with without wooden benches. My aunt and cousin didn't go with us. We also moved and changed churches. That wasn't too bad, since my brother and I would go to Sunday school soon as we changed. I really did enjoy speaking and playing with the other children. It was fun. That was what I looked forward to when going to church. That and my frilly, Sunday dresses and grownup shoes. My brother and I also joined the children's choir. That was fun, too, just like my school choir...only more religion based.
    Again, time moved on and I grew up. Once I couldn't really go to Sunday school and once I had done my first communion, I grew bored. Sitting on uncomfortable wooden benches, listening to a priest go on about things I'd heard a hundred times already...I didn't like it. Slowly, my brother, mom, and I went to church less and less. We only went on Christmas and Palm Sunday. My brother and I stopped joining the choir. Then my brother stopped wanting to go. Then my mom and I only went on Palm Sunday. At some point...we all just stopped, mostly due to transportation issues, but we still stopped. That's not to say my mom doesn't want to go, she's probably the only one who does. She's the one who asked me if I would want to do confirmation or not. I didn't do it, but I would go to church with her if she wanted except that I don't consider myself Catholic anymore. I tried to cling to my faith by praying, going to church with friends...but it didn't work. I enjoyed going to church with friends, yes, but the words that were being spoken and sung just didn't click anymore.
    I believe that I have grown and moved pass my 'old' religion and found one that fits me better. One that...I'm not constantly questioning. Yes, I'm not going all by what I'm told by whatever book, but it still fits more than believing in what Catholics, and all other Christian faiths, believe. I think I may have been more enamored by the idea of family and friendship than the actual belief system. It was all the children my age, the whole thing of my family going together, all of that that made me care. I prayed when I was little to this big man in the sky who would make everything better. I kept thinking that my grandma was looking down on me and keeping me safe. I'll admit those are nice thoughts, but they aren't what I believe. Not truly. Others may believe that and I know my parents, and probably my brother, do...but not me. I'm lucky to have openminded parents who didn't get all ranty when I mentioned I was looking into other religions.
    I am who I am and my beliefs are the same. I may have lost my first religion, but I gained a new one. I know this has been said by others before, but people really shouldn't be afraid to let go of something simply for fear of drifting about in endless space. Sometimes you have to let go to find something you want to hang on to. Losing doesn't always mean you have one thing less.

Hair: *Alice Project* Erica - Create Your Own (-Mesh-)
Necklace: Morgana Necklace (-included with ViGo Morgana Dress-)
Top: Heartless: Laced Crop Top (Black) (-Mesh-)
Undershirt: Gypsy Summer Shirt
Pose: .:Still Life:. [pose] crumbling wall freebie