Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pet Peeves and Flower Pots~Something New

Okay, so this is a multi-use blog for a couple reasons. One being that I only have a picture of one of the new props by Something New. And that's because of two reasons: I would've felt bad rezzing a big tree prop on my friend's sim and...well I took pics of another (Deviant) but..I'm much too shy to actually upload those to a place where more than myself and the person also in the picture could see it. Sooo with that in mind, the 'Deviant' poseballs and props are pretty neat, actually. Silly, definitely, but nice. Especially the facial expressions. I feel bad about not showing the pictures....but my shyness is definitely winning out.
Though the 'She is All Mine' flower pot prop and pose, that I have pictures for. I loved it. It looked amazing and sweet.
Thanks to my lovely friend, Taeem, for posing with me :)

I'm also proud to say that neither, once again, decided to say I was too short.

And for the other sue of this blog: Pet Peeves Meme as introduced by Strawberry Singh. I'm really starting to get into this meme-thing now. ;) Click here for the link to her start point.
So, here are my top five SL pet peeves:
  1. No Drama in Profiles: I've seen enough people put they don't like drama in their profiles. Okay, I don't like drama either, but i don't go and put that in my profile, which invites drama. Not to mention, from what I've seen, the people who put that are the kings and queens of drama. So I've learned to walk the other way if I've read that in some one's profile.
  2. Blank Profiles After 3 Months: Or around 3 months. At that point there should be something to show you do stuff, at least a picture since it's free to upload one. Even if you use Firestorm like I do, you can use the SL site to change your profile pic without lindens. For all I care put the most random thing, just have something since...blank profiles generally give me an uneasy feeling for some reason. I don't know why, they just do. it's like saying you don't exists.
  3. Upside Down Words in Profiles: As you can probably tell by now, i read a lot of profiles when I'm bored or want to just see who I might end up RPing with or whatever. But that...that 'meme' type thing that some people have in their profiles saying 'if you're smart enough to read, copypaste into your profile' is just plain stupid. Reading that has nothing to do with smarts; it's really just how the brain works. So long as it's not completely jumbled or some other such, the brain can figure it out so long as you know the language well enough. (And that, by the way, is coming from a psychology student *nods*)
  4. Random ANYTHING: I don't like random tps, random friend requests, or just random 'hellos' from some random stranger. From a friend, a random hello is good cause it leads to conversation. I don't like a stranger who I've never talked to OOC or RPed with or somehow know just saying 'hello'. Add something to the hello, then I feel better. Random tps are just as bad. I don't know where I'm going (unless I recognize the land name) nor do i want to randomly tped someplace. Even my friends don't do that. They tell me first....or, like if there's some meeting I'm late to, they tp me there when I log in. But I know where I'm going in that case. And random friend requests from people who, like with random hellos, I've never talked to IC or OOC, I don't like. Oh and let's not forget the random 'want to fuck?' IMs. No, I do not want to. Why you want to and why it turns you on, I've no clue. Sadly I'm too much of a pacifist for one of my thousands of semi-insulting, bu genius, responses to be said. I just ignore the person. Granted, I haven't gotten so many of those since I've been hiding in a RP sim, but I still freak out whenever I go someplace else where there are people. I prefer empty sims to hide in. I'm very introverted and...I tend to like going to my safe corners.
  5. RP Limits Saying to IM Before Doing Anything to Their Char: I've seriously seen this in some people's picks. You can't even really talk to them unless you IM them first. Generally the rule is no godmod, but that is taken care of by someone saying 'tries' in their post. IMing just ruins the flow and....well, I stay away form people with such things in their picks. I understand limits, but don't have a crazy amount.
Well, there's my rant, feels good to say all that... Though I have said these things to some friends in IM before...but that's besides the point. Everything I've said, if it applies to anyone, well...those are just things that bother me but were not meant to upset anyone or convince anyone to change something. People will do as people will, that's what I always say.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Plight of the Short

So, I was taking some pics with a friend (the person i wanted to shove angel wings on for the Silence type picture) and the pose I have, i realized, made my shortness bad. It was awkward until my friend generously shortened himself so that it wasn't so awkward. I probably could've made myself taller, but I'm a realistic height...he wasn't at that very moment. So, I guess that makes sense, yes. But it got me thinking of all the other pose balls and such that make realistic height not so good.
Let's face it, nearly everyone in SL is a giant. I'll admit, in my RP, I am, too. But I have a reason: half-elf. OOC, I'm a completely normal height. A bit taller than RL only because if i went any shorter I'd be called a child avi and...I don't feel like dealing with that. Some poses allow for shorter people and such, but...there's enough that don't. Like...a while ago I was dancing with someone for an OOC-type party I let him drag me to and...I hovered above his feet. He and i both were realistic sizes, yet I still hovered. My slider is at about 5'4 (not sure what that is in meters) which is my height and...I'm a normal size for someone my age. Hell, I'm at least an inch taller than some of my friends.
I get that SL is to be who you aren't (at least for some, for me, unless I'm RPing, I'm me) but, really? Who wants to be six foot and hit your head on everything?
Then there's also the whole waist and breast size thing, especially with mesh (though I usually can fit just fine if I use an alpha and sometimes even without), everything wants to make people the same. Yes, you can find some things that don't make you have to conform...but, really?
Sadly, i don't have any pics of this...but I think a few of you will get my point.