Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Plight of the Short

So, I was taking some pics with a friend (the person i wanted to shove angel wings on for the Silence type picture) and the pose I have, i realized, made my shortness bad. It was awkward until my friend generously shortened himself so that it wasn't so awkward. I probably could've made myself taller, but I'm a realistic height...he wasn't at that very moment. So, I guess that makes sense, yes. But it got me thinking of all the other pose balls and such that make realistic height not so good.
Let's face it, nearly everyone in SL is a giant. I'll admit, in my RP, I am, too. But I have a reason: half-elf. OOC, I'm a completely normal height. A bit taller than RL only because if i went any shorter I'd be called a child avi and...I don't feel like dealing with that. Some poses allow for shorter people and such, but...there's enough that don't. Like...a while ago I was dancing with someone for an OOC-type party I let him drag me to and...I hovered above his feet. He and i both were realistic sizes, yet I still hovered. My slider is at about 5'4 (not sure what that is in meters) which is my height and...I'm a normal size for someone my age. Hell, I'm at least an inch taller than some of my friends.
I get that SL is to be who you aren't (at least for some, for me, unless I'm RPing, I'm me) but, really? Who wants to be six foot and hit your head on everything?
Then there's also the whole waist and breast size thing, especially with mesh (though I usually can fit just fine if I use an alpha and sometimes even without), everything wants to make people the same. Yes, you can find some things that don't make you have to conform...but, really?
Sadly, i don't have any pics of this...but I think a few of you will get my point.

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