Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sexuality and SL

    Okay, I know people are all about 'bigger is better' and all that kind of stuff, but...there should be a limit... Like...a legal limit or something. So, what brought this on was the fact that a bit ago (yes, I've been bad and am only doing this about a week after the fact) a friend gave me a gift card to a hair shop. I went after he had logged and...well, the place was nice but I rezzed next to a person who was taller than I am in my RP form. And my roleplay-self is...six and a half feet tall, I think? And then there was the fact others were just as tall and had giant chests and behinds. I mean...I think only one or two other people were proportionate and normal. Granted, really pointy ears and six and a half feet aren't normal, but, well, I hadn't bothered to shrink and de-earify.
    So, this makes me wonder: why do so many people wish to be so...sexualized? This thing really just bugs me because, honestly, SL already is considered some place for cyber-sex and the like. Should people really be playing to that stereotype? I know some people are simply here for that, but what about the rest of us? I, for one, am nearly afraid to tell my RL friends I am in SL. I have no reason to be because I simply roleplay, take pictures, and explore different places with friends. None of that- Okay, well, I'm not saying the roleplay is entirely innocent...but, in all fairness, my character is married and has two it can't really be expected it's completely 'clean'. As well I've a good relationship OOC with the person I roleplay that with, so it's not like it's just...slut-behavior. But my point still stands. And I know there are others who are hesitant to tell people they know in the non-virtual world they are in it. Probably they worry, at least I know I do, that the first question will be "Isn't that a giant virtual orgy?" or something similar to that. It's just awful since SL is much more than that.
    Second Life may be the place where you can look however the hell you want, but...people shouldn't try and be...someone's sexual fantasy... Well, unless the person specifically created the avatar to be their which case...that's something different. There should be some form of reality, even if it is on a computer. It can help keep your interest and, also, people tend to think not so nice things about people who have giant chests, giant asses, and a tiny Barbie body. Well...some people don't, but most of those are classified as creepers. Some not, sure, but...most, yes.
Fun, not sex-fun. That's what we should focus on!

    There also should be a way that people could know more about the other aspects of SL instead of immediately thinking 'sex'. I'll admit, when I first joined I thought it would be heavy with that, but the reason I joined was because I also knew there was online roleplay and...thought I should check it out and see if I could find something to my liking that wouldn't immediately end up in virtual sex. I did find a place. And...while my roleplay isn't G-rated, it's not like anything is happening purely for any one's pleasure, it happens for the story. Not to mention, most scenes for me end up in fade-to-blacks. So...that still doesn't fit with the whole sex-stereotype of SL. And i know others are like that, too. Now, I'm not SL should be completely devoid of sexuality (since nothing, even RL, is), but it shouldn't have that shoved down your throat. In certain places it isn't, but in is, very much so. It's arguable that's like in RL,'s a lot more prominent in the virtual realm. But I'm rambling now, so, back to my point: better advertising. I'm really just hoping that someday soon there will be something that shows the other, less risque aspects of SL.
    I also hope people will stop with having huge everything, step at a time.

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