Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Really Don't Understand Some People

    So often people can act like they know everything and treat everything as a power game. It is rather upsetting, especially when the ones who end up pulled into those games are either yourself or someone you care for. When people act as if they know everything, generally their way of talking (or typing in SL's case) is very uppity and obnoxious. Some people may actually think these people funny when they are, in fact, insulting them and trying to hide it as a 'joke'. Personally, I'm not sure who of the two I would want to hit over the head with a shovel more. Some people are just so pretentious it isn't funny. Then these people get all pissy if you say 'okay, you need to stop being an ass' or something in nicer terms. Not to mention if you dare suggest they are wrong. They always, always, always must be right. If they are proven wrong, they storm off, only to come back later and have it all happen again. As for friends? They're only friends with people who think exactly how they do and agree all. the. time. I don't get it. I like it when friends don't always agree with my thoughts and ideas, it proves they can think! Do they just want 'friends' who don't think for themselves? Probably, sadly.
    Then there are the ones who play for power. This may not be as often in the whole of SL as much as roleplay places, I cannot say for sure, but the latter place has it too often. I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry when i see these people trying to work their way into some 'power' position or make 'powerful' friends. It is honestly sickening. As I said, I'm mainly going off of how roleplay places can be. Thankfully I'm more in the background as well as a woman in both avatar and RL. It seems most often it is women-avis going after more incharge men-avis, but that is not to say men-avis are entirely free of going after higher up women-avis; that just seems to be less often. But the ones who go after these people...they will ignore all others around possibly, do something dramatic to gain attention, bother someone in IM when it should be clear they are thinking 'fuck off'. I...I don't know how some people handle these people peacefully. Without even thinking, I know I would be likely to just straight up tell them to go put something somewhere, but others? Others somehow manage to just deal with it and vent to someone about someone else's stupidity.
    I really don't know how people think that being so clingy and obvious is the way to get you friends (or more) with someone in 'power'. Do they honestly think they'll manage to get status by acting like they do? Why not just have fun? Roleplay is for fun, not power. And if this does actually happen elsewhere than just roleplay sims...that's...just all the more sad. I cannot quiet explain how it is more sad, since words fail me now, but it is.
    Why this rant? I'm logged in and watching OOC (out-of-character) chat for the roleplay sim I'm in. I want to beat people with shovels, but, instead, I'm blogging. Isn't that nice of me to bother any readers instead of going shovel crazy? :P
    But, out of curiosity, whoever is here reading this, do you have any insight to this? If you do, please dear gods share, because I just have no clue what goes through either of the type of people's minds and I would just love to understand.

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