Saturday, July 12, 2014


    Easy right?
    Yea...should be, especially when I know how this all goes...but still.
    Right now I'm more or less having an issue with that simple action, in the figurative sense, but still. There's just a few things that frustrate me at the moment, RL-wise, and some other things that make me feel worried and such things; but I'm used to this, especially during the summer as strange as that may sound. But with all this is coming a want for various things, and, granted, if certain things weren't as they were a couple things wouldn't be wanted, but, well. One of things I'm seriously starting to lean towards is something I'd more so want to talk to someone about, or, rather, just blurt out my ideas to a listening ear while working on some conclusion, though some input would be nice, too. Especially with limited resources and whatnot. But I'm bad with talking to people, asking for things, or anything...I joke about things instead. It's easier.
    But another thing, which is really why I'm bother writing this here instead of in my diary/notebook/thing I lost the key to and cannot for the life of me open (you'd think I would've learned my lesson by now about putting things where I think I'll remember them), is that one of the things I'm thinking on works to this blog. I know it's not much of a following, really I'm almost certain it's pretty much only friends of mine (which I do not mind in the least, believe me), but as an earmarker for me and just because people do actually read this. I need to breathe, think, and see if I can manage something. Mostly I'm wanting to have it be more...orderly. Right now it is true to its name; my mind's shadow and all the random in there. Of course that's sort of a type of order, but, if I can manage to figure out how to make this turn around, I'll do that. If not, it'll stay random. As it is, my plan may only last for a short while of orderness, then could easily collapse back to random. But will see.
    This may also just be because of my mood, though, so I'm not entirely certain how it will go for that reason as well. It all depends, I suppose, on what is really going on in my head which, at this point, I'm only half sure of myself. But soon the rough patches will pass and I will be able to breathe once more.


  1. I don´t understand a word :P apart from that you have an actual like item diary with a key which you lost :grins:
    I can still put a helpful comment though even with understanding nothing, of course :P so...
    breathing? easy as taking simple pics...
    order...much easier to set up than to keep, the universe just -wants- to be chaotic, it´s not our fault!

    looks at the printer, completely covered in papers, which he kept a clean surface for a few weeks only recently

    trying for order in some things though is a good thing...and sometimes one can keep up at least parts of it, so...breathe and make some order at least in small things you can easily get done, that helps to breathe, being able to breath helps to make more order or to better live with disorder...and so on...benevolent circle :)

    1. Lol Well so long as you understood something :P But, yes, I do, have had a few in my life, always the same story, but this one is pretty so I'm dangerously close to cutting the lock...and then I'd find the key shortly after but however lol Part of it you might understand later, since may poke you in IM sometime...maybe...
      And, yea, guess you're right about the universe wanting to have chaos and such rather...since, I'm sure that's the reason for your printer being covered *grins*
      But, thanks, what you have to say is actually a bit reassuring and helpful, that much is for sure *hugs*