Sunday, August 17, 2014

Third Rez Day

    Haven't written in a while, and still want to do one post before I go for orientation and then the actual learning part for my school. But I realized something the other day when I opened my profile; my third rez day was on the eleventh. Of course I took pics as I realized this (and partly because I wanted pictures with the new hair/pastel color that Truth has temporarily set out for free. Only the pastel pack since that's the new color pack, or so I've ehard.)

Happy Rez to me! My gift to myself? Lazyness :P

    Three years. And I'm trying to remember what I was doing when I originally signed up. I can't, but I do know that I'm still so very glad I had. My reasons are simple, and probably a bit obvious even; I've been able to fall in love with roleplay and meet some lovely people. I've been roleplaying since, well, pretty much since a few days after I created my account. I stumbled upon it, looked around for some clothes fitting enough so I could wander with an observer tag, and then...I stayed. In roleplay and on the sim I stumbled upon even. I'll admit, if I hadn't been helped by one of the roleplayers there, I would've been more lost than I already was when I actually started playing and such. But someone decided to be nice and help me find a nice basis and such for my character Armalla, and I'm grateful still to the person who helped me; without her help, I probably wouldn't have stuck around and met lovely people through the sim.
    The people I care about know how they are, and since I'm rather tired, I'll avoid anything mushy :P But I'm glad to have met them, of course, how could I not? Really all of them I've known for almost the whole three years, though December yet has more meaning than August to me. Maybe that's why the three year mark snuck up on me like it did?
    In any case, three years that I'm glad for. Especially since I've been able to...expand and try to refine my roleplay, as well as get to know these people better; only a few select people (*coughs* three *coughs*), and even with that, one or tow I know better than the others. And then, of course, I started taking pictures in SL, too. Another little hobby to help me bid my time in this virtual world. Wonder how things will look next year, if at all similar to this one or not. Guess it's jsut a matter of waiting and seeing, since I don't see myself leaving SL anytime soon.

Wondering how many more years are to be added...


  1. Oh! Happy Rezzday!!! *hugs with a smile*

  2. oh fun. read this today after I randomly noticed last night that my avi is over 3 years, rezday, hm July 20th I think, but I don´t know any of my avatars rezdays apart from Nuveim´s actually. for Taeem it would have to be rezday of another avatar anyway and don´t know that either so can totally relate to the being snuck up by rezdays :P... but happy belated rezday anyway! and um happy nice hair :P

    1. Assuming I'm right with the avi you're referring to, had to check myself and it does actually say July 20th, so you're right with that :P And, well, it makes sense to know Nuveim's since that's supposed to be his birthday and all...though Taeem, yea, guess that could be a bit confusing with that lol
      And thank you, and thank you, too, cause the hair -is- very happy for fluffy, pastel days :P