Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OOC vs. IC

I had to write about this because...well a few days ago, some IC stuff got brought OOC and really pissed me off.
There's generally an unspoken rule, sometiems written in some places, that OOC stays there and IC stays IC. it is different then trying to keep SL and RL separate, which is not what I'm talking about and that has many different ideas on it and such. When you're IC, you are playing a character, not yourself, if you want to go be yourself, don't go RPing. yes, you can make a version of yourself IC but that doesn't mean you are your character. No, just no.
Yes, people are generally on good terms if their chars are in a relationship, at least in my experience. Though I don't think it would make sense for people to dislike each other OOC and be in a relationship, even not romantic, IC.
But I'm talking not about that so much as just...general things. Okay, a character messes up, doesn't do something, doesn't know how to do something even if you think they should, why are you going to get pissy at the typist? That's just how the character is you can't help that. All the typist has to do is type what the character wants to say and do, too much OOC interference ruins it. Sure, OOC does affect IC to some degree, but it should not be the other way around.
If you're upset, go yell at the person ICly not go and IM to let them know that you're upset with the person behind the keyboard for what the character did. I mean, really, this isn't like a puppet, it's more like acting. Is it at all logical to get mad at the actor for what the character they play does? No, not all. They're reading lines, going with the emotions the character feels, doing what that character would do. They are not them at the time.
Sure, it might not come natural to some people to think like that...but, at least hold back whatever you want to IM or whatever and think and remember. Sure, you might still be upset OOC, but try not to go bother the other person OOC-wise.
Okay, rant over. But I figured I'd talk about the difference while using some own..personal experience.And, thankfully, i managed to keep all this in my head while IMing the person in question as to not stir up anything...which, again, some people need to learn to do.
Now, I'm really done, i swear. :)

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