Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well, before I get to the more serious part of this post, I'm going to get all the lighter stuff out there first.
So, the holidays are quickly approaching and there was no end of the world. Again. This makes...what? at least ten ends that everyone born by at least 2000 (more if you were born before that) survived. So...yea, expect absolutely everyone of those people who thought the end was coming and were shouting 'the Mayans were right!' to now be saying they never, ever believed it.
Though this makes me want to go run out into the street and yell 'the Mayans were wrong!' But...I won't, much too shy for that. :P (not to mention they weren't wrong, they were just killed off before they could finish their calendar *nods*)
Yep, just sleeping away the 'end' of the world all comfy cozy.

But back to the things that will actually happen. Christmas and the new year. I'm hoping that, for everyone who celebrates Christmas, or Christmas along with other holidays, got all their shopping and decorating done....or, if you're like me, are quickly working on finishing your holiday shopping. As for the rest of you who celebrate Chanukah, Kwanzaa, solely without the addition of Christmas, hopefully you're doing well with setting up for those. Or, for the Yule/Winter Solstice celebrators, I hope you had a good one last night.
Here's a pretty, sparkly holiday tree.
The New Year, though...well I'll probably just post a blog later with a bunch of pictures for it. :)
But the thought of the new year, makes me think of the main part, the serious part, of this blog that I will now get to: drinking and driving.
Over here in the US, not sure about other places, there are endless public service ads about drinking and driving. All with the same message, don't do it. Drinking and driving can have horrible results. Sure, you might get lucky and not crash or hit someone, but what if you did? you'd have to live with the guilt and the lawsuits and the person's friends and family would have to deal with the loss, that's assuming that the person gets killed and not just injured. But there would still be lawsuits for the person who hit them.
Then there is the plain fact that you could get hurt or killed yourself. So the best bet would be to find a designated driver and, also, to not let yourself get int eh car with a drunk person. If you and your friends and family are out drinkin, do not let them drive drunk. I know, i know, that's said over and over again, but it's true. You shouldn't just let someone drive off after drinking.
So, be extra careful if you're driving on the holiday nights, since there will be some people that did drink and are driving, but don't let yourself (or someone you know) be one of them. I hope you all will have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate.
And...for those of you who might read this and suffered through the Sandy Hook tragedy, I hope your Christmas and New Year won't be too weighed down by your loss. I know this will be a hard holiday season, but try to get through it. I know you will never forget your child or friend or whoever but it's bound to get easier as time goes on. But, for now, I hope you can enjoy your holiday as best you can.

Periigu sends love (without the chewing of boots) to everyone this season.
Ayla does as well, not to mention extra cuddles.


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