Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cheers for Easter!- Something New

So, Something New has got some new things and a couple of them are pretty neat. Well, actually I liked them all, to be perfectly honest, but I'm a friendless- Ah, no, that's wrong, all my friends in SL are just people who are over in Europe and were asleep when i took these pics. Actually I should've been asleep with how late I did this myself, but...well, I'm not that sensible. But there was a version of the Easter prop which is for couples (aww) but I had to do the single's one as well as there was another couple one and a friends one.
 Seeing as SL was deciding to be mean, I couldn't get the bunny ears and tail I wanted to use. So sad about that...but, here's the poses anyhow for the single's Easter Bridge prop. I think they're kind of cute. Also something worth note: I'm short by SL standards (5 foot something) and I had really no issue with really all of the poses, so that's a plus for all you other shorties out there who have issues with say...danceballs and other such things.

Sexy Stand
Ground Sit
All these? Mah eggs!
Aw, doesn't the chick look so happy? And it's not running from me!
Waiting for Easter to actually get here.

Again, SL was mean to me so i couldn't have pom-poms for the cheer poses. I decided to have impromptu pom-poms... I think they work, at least as magical energies balls, no? The pictures include both cheer pose sets.
Cheer Set 1, Pose 1
Powerful energy balls and...helicopter spin maybe?
Pose 2
Pose 3
Weee! Didn't know I could jump like that.
Pose 4
Pose 5
Set 2, Pose 6
Pose 7
You know, I tried for a cheer team once...this type of thing is one reason why I didn't get in.
Pose 8
Pose 9
Pose 10
Cheers for new Something New poses!

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