Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Official Now!

Yes siree-bob, I'm a blogger for something other than my own randomness now. Yay! So, basically what that means is that the shop (Something New) will be getting at least one blog a month....or whenever there are some new props and poses to poke at. That also means more pictures *nods* And, let's face it, who doesn't love pictures? In an ever changing world like SL, pictures can become important as well as not so much.
Pictures in SL capture memories as much as they do in RL, even if the people in the pic don't look the same the next day, it's still a memory. The simple fact that things can change so quickly, is what makes the pictures even more important. Not to mention you can make some really great things with just the windlight (something that changes how the lighting is, basically, for you non-SL users) and poses and props and all sorts of stuff available across the virtual world. You don't even have to use the best graphics to get some really amazing pictures, which is something that I tend to stick with as I personally can only get to medium settings. But I'm not saying that just because I can't go to high or ultra, it's because it's true. Sure, it might edge more to 'realistic'-ish with higher graphics or might look nice, but that doesn't take away form what you can do with your lower settings. (not to mention the reduced lag which allows movement)
You don't even need lindens with all the free stuff on MP (marketplace). Hell, I've gotten quite a few free poses I love and have used. Then there's also the avi-look, lots of free stuff for that. so, really, anyone who can use SL and manage the camera to get in the right angle, mess with the windlight, and who has some patience, can take decent (if not very good) pics in SL. So don't be discouraged if your pics suck originally (I know mine did and I'm not even saying I'm amazing now, just better), keep trying and I'm sure you'll get it. :)

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