Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sex in SL

    When most people hear the word sex, they think of the physical act. I'll admit that is something that first pops into my head for a moment, but the thought of someone's physical make-up accompanies it. Sex is a person's physical body as well as the act itself, but their gender is entirely mental. While most think the two synonymous, they aren't.
    Now what does this have to do with SL?
    Everyone's avatar has a virtual sex human, furry, whatever else, they have a sex (and possibly have sex, too). The virtual sex may more correctly reflect their real gender than their physical bodies do. But, think of this for a moment: you are a person who has never felt like you belong in your own skin. You have always acted as the other sex, more than your own. You know why; you are a woman in a man's body or a man in a woman's. You can't afford an expensive surgery to truly show your inner-self, but at least you can dress however you want. Though there is a stigma following you because of how you dress, how you talk, how you love. But you are on SL. In SL, you are a man or a woman; physically and mentally. It helps to ease some of what you go through. It helps you be you.
    Now, that is entirely hypothetical, but also in the realm of possibility. Yes, people who have their sex and gender not matching may have severe depression, but maybe there are a few who find a way to keep themselves from falling too low, from maybe committing suicide. Maybe Second Life is something that helps them cope, as there is no stigma or expensive surgery to be saved for. Some in SL are their real sex, others not. Some may be a different sex to create their fantasy, some might do it for fun or a new experience, but what of those who are showing their true selves? Like the situation I gave, some cannot afford the surgery, but with a virtual realm, they can fit in their frame.
    We are all unique.
    We are all art.
    Nothing is wrong with the people, who's genders differ from their sex, finding a way so that the unique piece of art they are can fit into a frame like every other artwork.
    I'll admit it, since it's no big secret anyhow, I'm a psychology student who was flipping through her textbook with the topics of the Writer's Block Chapter three on her mind. This is what happens, very much so. But, in anycase, I just had to participate again since...I love the topics Katya comes up with. I also love to peer at the other entries and see the different take son the topics. Granted, I realize mine is probably a bit...far off from what was 'meant' to be written about, but here's to hoping I'm not the only one thinking in this direction!
    Anyhow, am already anticipating the next topics and will likely write something up for those, too.

Hair: Magika Give
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  1. See...this is what I would have wrote about too - Sex within SL is up to the person's imagination. Well done!

  2. thought I´d leave a comment with link to the site that brought me here and named this post as winner of a Writer´s Block chapter - http://simplydou.com/2013/09/22/long-overdue-the-chapter-three-winners/
    and swear I got there somehow by browsing for 'secondlife blogs roleplay' initially, to see if I find some places to reach out for undisclosed mages or other players for a sim well known to you and not by browsing 'secondlife sex' :P
    :gets more coffee and procrastinates still more work:

    1. hmhm sure ya did, totally nothing like secondlife sex, I'm sure :P I understand, no worries *grins*
      Pfft and figures I reply to this on a day the mention of coffee is mean to me lol

  3. hm, yes, so so sorry for that, if only I´d written the comment after hearing you´re deprived on coffee ;)

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    1. That explains the random anonymous then :P But, sorry, I guess it got mad at you for mentioning coffee *grins*
      But so long as you repent lol