Saturday, September 7, 2013

And I Shall Name Him Charcoal

Well, I already named him Charcoal.
    See that kitty? That's Charcoal. Sadly, he was asleep when i took him out of my inventory to take pics, but I still sort of managed. I'll get better ones when he's awake. Charcoal is one of the cats being given away as part of Firestorm's third anniversary until the tenth. The firekitties have Firestorm emblazoned on their sides and little flame tipped ears and tail, not to mention flame eyes. All in all, they're adorable. They even have an option to add a hat and collar. I don't have Charcoal wearing those, but I might if I decide to take a picture with the hat the KittyCats Addicts group gives to match the cat for free ingroup. I joined just incase I might need some assistance should somehow my adorable cat go missing; but, if you decide to use the free starter cat coupon that comes inside the package with the Firestorm cat, that group would probably be even more helpful. This cat, thankfully, doesn't need food or anything nor does it breed, but the cat in the coupon you get will. So fair warning incase you don't want to be buying food and stuff.
    The cats are either male or female and you can change their name or you can keep their default. I changed mine because I didn't like his default name too much. They also start out so tiny, basically the size of an avatar's hand. Adorable! Nearly as soon as Charcoal escaped his box, I had him sitting on my shoulder. But, since they grow, I know soon enough I'll only be able to hold him. At four days, I believe, is when they stop sitting on your shoulder and they stop growing at day seven. Charcoal is only two days old as of the moment, so he's still growing. I know it's strange, but I think these cats are absolutely adorable and it such a lovely way to celebrate Firestorm's anniversary. I don't mind the label on his side simply because this is the viewer I use, so it's not like it's going against anything for me.
    Really tempted to open that starter cat....but I know better than to try to keep being able to feed that one.
    If you all want to read more about the cat and find where to get it (not to mention see a better picture) click here. Happy third anniversary Firestorm!

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