Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12th

    Is it strange I want to skip over today and head straight into tomorrow? I'm looking forward to tomorrow because of one reason, really, but shouldn't I want today to last? I'm another year older today...and I don't hate my birthday, but I don't love it either. It's more of a... 'oh, it's my birthday? Eh, feels like a normal day to me'. Pfft, I'm really very awkward in that matter, i guess, but i'm awkward in a lot of things, too. Then again not much is done on my birthday anyway, so that might play into it a bit. I don't know, I just know it's another year added to me and all the more reason to work on the list of things to do/change I made for this year.
    Age is something that matters so little on the internet unless you chose to divulge it. You can guess to a certain extent, but otherwise it's all just theory. And SL is one of those places that attracts people from all ages, even those who aren't really 'supposed' to be on here. It happens, so...age is...really relative. Personally I'm all for age being a little teeny tiny thing, but I'm really starting to think I'm the only one of that opinion... Eh, well I'm opinionated as it is, so this would not be new lol But when you take that anonymity that Sl offers and think about that in regards to...anything..and if you think of how if that one specific thing were to apply in RL, it can give you some new thoughts. Of course it has its stereotypes and various other bad things, but there are plenty of things that makes it a bit more 'open' than in RL. Maybe only more open-minded people run about in the virtual world? I don't know, could be. Nothing is perfect, but certain small aspects can have you wonder if they should be applied elsewhere. At least it has me think and wonder about the various operations of both worlds and what works and what doesn't and how important things should or should not be... Comparing two thing side by side really can just make some things see questionable.


  1. we´ll virtually post-celebrate...2? 3? birthdays, promise, had an idea already, but must find out if that existsworks, since I couldn´t be here sunday, maybe next one, if you´re free?

    1. 3, yes, if ya count the ic ones lol But, yea, I'll be free then most if it does looking forward to that hint :P