Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

    Strange enough, there aren't really any 'traditions' or 'customs' in my family, but...there are a couple. Christmas still is not my favorite holiday for some reasons, but there are a couple things associated with it that I do love. Every year my brother and I get a stuffed animal in our stocking. Originally it was to keep us out of our other presents...but somehow it jsut became something consistent that really can't be changed and, if it did, it would be awful. Always we wake up early, go empty our stocking,s put everything back, but take our stuffed animal with us back to bed, no matter how old we get. Strange, maybe, but eh. And then there's something my brother and I haven't done since a while which is sleep in the same room so the one who wakes first can wake the other up, but we're...tweaking it some this year even though we haven't done said 'tradition' in a while. Essentially we're going to stay up for a bit and play video games :P
    I find myself mostly wanting Christmas to get here so that my family can open their gifts more than myself opening mine. I love to give things to people, especially when i know they'll like whatever, more than I like receiving things. Okay, yes, I like to get gifts, too, who doesn't? But my favorite part of this season is the giving. So, on that note, I hope whatever gifts are received are enjoyed as much as the knowledge that what you gave made someone happy.
    (Oh, yes, I'm looking forward to tomorrow also cause I'm curious and someone has given me some hints that haven't formed much of an idea in my head, only tantalized me further. You know who you are and you should know I'm all bouncy excited :P )
I wasn't trying to persuade Rudolph to do anything. I'm on the nice list *nods*


  1. reads a few blogs with morning coffee and gets ready. for a catnap. after telling Rudolph not to blab, no matter how nice the person on the list. think I´ll call out taking multiple catnaps throughout all of christmas days for my favourite tradition. see you later, unless one of the catnaps turns to a full night´s sleep during the day :P

  2. and I *need* the naps obviously, only could pass the human verification at the 4th try :grins:

  3. Hey, naps are as good a tradition as any lol And, yes, most definately if it takes that long to pass that verification probably, unless you're turning into a robot :P