Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let's Go Exploring!

    The other day I was looking for a jungle-African Savannah-type sim, but I ended up finding none. My reason had been because I had found this neat (free) skin on marketplace and ended up styling around it and wanted to go take pictures someplace fitting. For some unknown reason I couldn't find anything the like. In Firestorm search I typed 'jungle', 'Africa', 'rainforest' all to no avail. So, I went to the real life section of the destination guide on Second Life's website; everything but Africa or jungles! Ugh. I was frustrated and tempted to go curl up in a corner for a good bit, but then I decided to just take a break and go look through some LMs of mine. I went to a few sims I like before I remembered Strawberry Singh had a meme about exploring SL. So, sighing at myself for remembering that after leaving the sims, I retraced my steps, turning my shadows and atmospheric shaders on, then bumping up my draw distance. I even managed to get some decent pics without being crashed once! Success!

    I'm not sure what it is, but this place just has this...whimsical, romantic feel. The connecting sim, Oubliette seems to have a similar vibe...I just haven't made it over that way just yet. There's some danceballs and such scattered about and more colorful flowers, which is a must in my book. Very naturic and perfect for if you're looking for a place for softer pictures and such. It's one of those places I still want to stick my fae in and take a few pictures of her frolicking about. Seems just perfect for that.

    I had to take at least two pics for this sim because it does vary. There are also a lot of clickables, one being a giant hot air balloon unless I'm mistaken. But this sim is based off the place that Beatrix Potter (author of stories like Peter Rabbit) wrote her books, as well as some of her stories. When you enter the sim, it takes you to a little welcoming area that gives you two NCs, one being about her life. I thought that was interesting to learn some more about this children's writer. The sim itself is gorgeous and has this whimsy to it. If you can't tell by now, whimsy and fantasy is something I love in any sim. And this one certainly does it right. There are different little parts that are from her stories scattered about the sim and multiple area to explore or just take pictures.

    Unfortunately, the leaf textures didn't want to load for me at all when I was taking these pics. So, even though I have one that better shows the sim, this picture will have to do since the awkward leaves just make the place look...not so good. Anyhow, the Garden of Dreams has a few slightly varied areas. I went to the great tree one which, you guessed it, has a giant tree. You have to choose where you want to go from the boards near where you land so you can be TPed there. There are clickies all around, for couples and singles, which is something I love about it. Anyplace with clickies with decent animations or poses and I'm in. Granted, a log i clicked had three options labeled 'sex' and that had me thinking that anyone willing to try that would have a few splinters...but I digress. It's a nice, peaceful-feeling sim that I have yet to finish with all the clicking.
    Also, another word in its favor; it worked awesomely for my tigertype outfit I had thrown together!

    On a side note, I had planned to do this on another blog, but since I decided last minute to use a picture with my outfit in this one...this the stuff so you can be kittyfied and rawr at people without seeming crazy :P

Skin: ~*Hiyori*~ruby black - cat2 -
Outfit: :.Envious.: Animalistic (SLurl, group gift) *She also has some nice skins available as well as                                                                                           clothes.
Hair: Eaters Coma - Gift 01 (SLurl, group gift) *Comes with a HUD for multiple, natural hair colors.


  1. Don't know what you're talking about when you say 'decent', the pictures you took turned out great. :) I did found a Savannah for an upcoming post through the meme's Flickr group:

    Feel free to add yours. :D -Z-

    1. Aw, thanks, glad you think they look so :) You did? Well then...will have to be peering at the pics for that, for future reference.
      And I will be sure to when I move the pics onto Flickr :)

  2. I agree with Zee's comment, very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.