Friday, February 7, 2014

Warning: Tiny Bit of a Rant Ahead

    Anyone who's talked to me for, like, a few minutes probably can guess that I'm open indeed to pretty much everything. I may not do certain things or whatever, but that's not saying I'll look down on people who are/are into whatever. BDSM? Not my thing, but if you like, sure, whatever, that's you. LGBT? None of those orientations do I belong to, but if you are, awesome for you. Catholic? Not me, but if you are, okay, good. Just so long as people don't try to force anything on me, I don't care what they are. I have a friend who wears a wolf tail (fake one, not one from an actual wolf O.o ) in RL sometimes, not sure what that makes him since he doesn't always wear it or if that matters, but I don't care. I have my mind generally wide open on any topic, other than stupidity, bigotry, close-mindedness...basically anything that clashes with my own self.
    Why am I talking about this? In my state, there is currently a court case going on about getting rid of the law that bans gay marriage. Two couples are involved in this and one, the lesbian couple (not the gay partnership that started this) are legally married in California, but, with the law as it is, they do not have the rights married couples have. Even though they are married. Now, I'll admit, where I am is very conservative and, I think, part of the Bible Belt, if not part of it, it is one of the really close neighbors. So, yes, we're the stupid fucks who don't want anything to change. Yep. Now, with this case, I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not optimistic. If it changes, there's a chance that this could cause ripples, since this is one of the more conservative states. If it happens, maybe, jsut maybe, more states will loosen some. The Supreme Court, in my opinion, should get up and say 'yo, this breaks the countries constitution', but they don't because 'marriage is in the states' jurisdiction'. Now, I think they only give a damn about that because they don't want to become unpopular with the decision that is the only lawful way to go.
    Okay, I'm not saying people can't be against gay marriage, but, really, how the hell does it affect you? If it doesn't affect you, why do you care so much? Are you going to go marry someone of your sex just because the law allows it? No, I don't think so. The people who love those of their own sex deserve love and marriage as much as the rest of us. I always have the scenario in my head of  straights being the minority and their rights being taken away because of who they are attracted to, and I have asked people: what if you couldn't marry someone because they are of the opposite sex? What if you couldn't make decisions any other married couple could because you are not married or 'only' in a civil union? People tend to brush it off because 'that's not the way it is'. And calling being homosexual 'unnatural' is wrong. There has been studies, there is proof that there is a cell cluster in a gay man's brain about the same size as the same cluster in a woman's brain. I don't remember if it is bigger or smaller than the one in a straight man's brain, but that's proof it's not 'unnatural'. Hell, there are lesbian swans, people! (granted some do argue they are only a couple because there weren't enough male swans around, but the fact remains they are a couple.)
    Now, the only argument that makes some logical sense is the one that children need a male and female role model. My only problem with that is that children can get the same from people outside their family, or other family members. But, still, there seems only two arguments against it: the Bible says no, and it is not good for children. From a psychological standpoint, yes, children need male and female role models, but they can get that influence elsewhere. Though, still, as I said, the only argument I'll half-ways accept is the latter, not the Bible. And I know a lot of other people who could care less about what it says because they are not under a faith that follows it. I'm not even going to get into how we pick and choose what we want to listen to.
    I just...I don't understand how people can be so against certain things. It's's not your issue, you aren't involved in any way shape or form. Gay marriage. Abortion. Interracial relationships. (Didn't the Cheerio's commercial get some uproar for that? So glad they keep playing it.) And all the other things that are controversial. Why must certain things be either illegal or 'not seen'? I advocate a lot few things, but that doesn't mean I'd do it.(Marijuana and prostitution being illegal for weed-brothels.. Hell, if you can tax it, it'll make the country more money, which is desperately needed as anyone who dens't live under a rock (maybe other countries, depending on how wordly said country/person is) can probably attest to.) Like abortion. It's your choice, do whatever. Would I personally have one? I don't see me ever doing that in any situation, even the most dire unless I had absolutely no choice. But that's me, not someone else. I highly doubt anyone goes around, paying for some expensive procedure, just because they got pregnant. Unless you're a sociopath, I don't see anyone being able to do that without some emotional toll. And, a small tangent: making abortion illegal won't do anything. It was illegal at one point, and that led to women using coat hangers and other backalley abortion procedures. Just because something is illegal, it won't put a stop to it.
    But back to the topic of love. I fully believe that people should be able to love whoever, no matter what. Different race, same sex, different ages. If you love someone, you deserve to be able to be with them without some stigma saying you can't. I'm still waiting on a black and white gay couple where one is...20 and the other...35.Imagine what that would cause. (I say 35 only because I personally am not against a 15 year or so difference since said person is not old enough to be my parent. I haven't had such a relationship to see how well that would go, but I'm not like 'no, bad'.) But, hell, if you want to marry someone old enough to be your grandparent, go ahead, I don't care. You love 'em? They love you? Good. That's all that should matter.
    I hope with Valentine's Day coming up that'll make whoever is deciding the case in my state a bit more leaning towards love for all, but not sure how well that'll go. I'll hope, for the sake of the couples and their children, as I know at least the legally married in California couple has a daughter. All that can be done with these sorts of things, is hope for the outcome that is more inline with the changing of the world.


  1. :points to title of blog, then to the title of post: rants should be expected here

    'Hell, if you can tax it, it'll make the country more money, which is desperately needed as anyone who dens't live under a rock (maybe other countries, depending on how wordly said country/person is) can probably attest to.)'
    ^ this was on Marijuana/brothels but tax and money actually is one of the reasons the state is invested in marriage in the first place, a state needs tax payers and usually those stem from different-sex-marriages/partnerships, so a state is especially interested in protecting/sponsoring those.
    from my personal perspective marriage/relationships between whatever people as much as religion should be none of the state´s concern.

    ' The Supreme Court, in my opinion, should get up and say 'yo, this breaks the countries constitution', but they don't because 'marriage is in the states' jurisdiction'. '
    ^which it shouldn´t be from my pov. two people decide they want to be together as to whatever religion´s or customs or self-invented ceremony or whatever, they should be able to do it as they want to. only argument I see for the state being involved in that is to protect those who wouldn´t want a marriage with someone who already has one or more others and lies about it, but for that some kind of national register where the couple would have to let themselves be registered, and some pc program would check if one of them already is within a marriage (I call it marriage for simplicity, could be called whatever else) and flash a red pop-up).

    what a state of course should do is protect it´s children, and create an atmosphere, financial and otherwise in which people aren´t afraid to have them, but all the same that can be done without the 'marriage-system' as we have it now as well.

    luckily many people are very openminded about those things at least where most who will read this live I guess, I don´t have to go far from my door to see gay couples walking hand in hand on the street openly and only people from elsewhere or with rigid religious indoctrination I suppose bat an eye. But religion, in our case the christian one has been around for a very long time to give same sex partnerships a bad name. If it would take as long to get rid of the stigma as it is around, you´ll still be ranting in a post from the year 3014 maybe, since you´re a half-elf ;)

    serious matter though, and unfortunately what they do to homosexual people in your state is not the worst that happens, globally seen.

    I hope logic and empathy will prevail some day, not the bible or how some narrowminds interpret it. homosexuality does exist, and in a not that low number, so how is it unnatural, even without the often quoted examples from the fauna. and rolemodels, well, no logical argument for me against same sex marriages, since if there are no children it doesn´t apply anyway, and if there are children, well, the state could help that by seeing to it that the number of males working in crèches, as kindergarteners and primary school teachers would rise, that they all are well qualified and paid people, and that every child could get a preschool places, then there would be rolemodels enough for either boys or girls from parents in same sex partnerships...and as well for all those who for instance have to grow up without a father (or mother in rarer cases) around them whose parent is in no partnership...

    I drink Coke. I don´t drink Pepsi. But I don´t stand in the supermarket and tell Pepsi it doesn´t belong in the shelf. and those bigots using the bible to justify their stance, do they happen to be the same ones who think the bible is older than nature itself per chance?

    1. *grins* you may have a point with that, but I want to be sure there is warning yet ;)
      Oh, i don't think states should muddle too much with marriages, either..but, well, it's how it is, least over here. Thanks to the framers of the constitution and all that really old stuff that only half applies now. But that's a whole other thing. So..yea..marriage system is kinda messed up since you have to be able to pay to get married, even if only with a little court-thing, reason why my parents weren't technically married for a long while, cause the money and stuffs.
      And, yes, thankfully many -are- openminded..but you don't see many gay couples walking around in my neighborhood. Now, in my old high school...well, that was a completely different story. Neighborhood, though, nope. And, yea, religion is one of the major things that, no matter how whatever government might claim it has nothing to do with anything, it does. Majorly. In the US, I know there is the whole 'in god we trust' and 'one nation under god' and similar stuff that shows that the backround (even though the latter example was only added during the Cold War since it was decided all communists are atheists so we must fight it by showing our religion or something silly like that).
      And, yea, could be worse done to them, which really does suck...but small steps....
      Oh, yea, i don't really 'accept' any argument against it either...but the only one that makes any bit of sense (even though I could tear it apart like a rabid jackal, and have before) And, yea, that's another thing, there's nothing against children not having a mother or father, but having two of one or the other, that are happily together is somehow wrong. I mean..if the kid is loved, why should it matter who takes care of them? Especially if they still have two parents, even if of the same sex :/
      As for the Pepsi thing...don't' think it would listen to you :P But, yea, I see what you mean,, I don't think they are. I just know that they -do- pick and chose since there's something in there, maybe Leviticus, about sacrificing a goat or something whenever you enter a church, then let's not forget the bad to come form even thinking of divorce. Whether they think it's older than everything or not, it still remains they seem only against things if it doesn't apply to them in anyway. But soon as they want to do something, they don't give a damn.
      Pfft, but so long as there are some people who think things should be righted, there is some hope yet.

  2. 'And, yea, could be worse done to them, which really does suck...but small steps....'

    no, no, think you misread me there, that was not to make it look harmless at all, what I said or meant to say is that the whole problem is even much worse like public hanging of gay men in Iran.

    1. I may have, I may not have, not sure now lol But, yea, I know, it's not nice by any means, but....yea, least there aren't public hangings.
      And as I type this, tv just changed to news and the ban was counted yay! :D