Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome to My Dream

    Welcome to my dream,
    where the world is safe and warm.
    Colors and beauty abound.
    Welcome, for there is no fear.
    Welcome, for there is no pain.
    Welcome, for this our naivety,
     our innocence.

    Imagine the safety, the care, 
         that ignorance can bring.
    Forget, forget,
    And welcome to my dream.
    Welcome to my nightmare,
    where the world has forgotten to pretend.
    Logic and reason, 
    over pretending and dreaming.
    Fear as the mermaids dive beneath the waves.
    Pain as the fae pop in blasts of glitter.
    Innocence lost when the glasses were removed,
         ignorant no more,
            but the cost is great.
    Telling us to grow, 
    to forget the worlds of stories and fantasy.
    Telling us those things mean nothing,
    when they have only meant the world.
    Telling us our dreams were false,
    even though we knew 
             but dreamed anyway.
    Why must we grow,
     but lose our sense of wonder?
     The world is cold,
     we have seen.
     Pain, fear, hunger, loneliness.
    The world is cold,
     but they tell us to forget our dreams,
    tell us to cast away our comforting blankets,
    tell us to dive into the real world.
    Welcome to my nightmare,
    where my dreams are crushed to nothing.

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