Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Unexpected

    This is going to be short, but I have to say while it's still fresh in my head: I love when things are unexpected in roleplay. Of course it's better when I'm rping with someone who I'm comfortable with OOC, since that opens up a few more possibilities because of how I am, but still. I'm also counting myself lucky to often play with someone who manages to slip in the unexpected every now and again, not to mention just simply be a wonderful typist. But the main point is that the small surprises, the things that leave you wondering if that really just happened, are jsut one of the many things that makes roleplay so very worth it, at least if you ask me. I know I may not do much that is but so unexpected except for maybe a few isntances, but I don't claim to be anywhere near the pinnacle of roleplayers in the least. No where near it, trust me.
     Surprises in roleplay, just awesome. Deep, raw roleplay is wonderful, but so is the unexpected. To me it is like reading a book; the twists make the book so much more intriguing, even if they make you feel the need to re-read a paragraph or page to be certain something really just happened. As it is, right now I'm thinking of the various outcomes of what may happen because of something that happened today...and that's only what I can think of. And, of course, I'm thinking of various things that can happen tomorrow because of something that happened while I was away/asleep on Friday, but hopefully nothing too bad will come of that. Guess we'll see, but can hope for the best to preserve what sanity a certain character has, yes?
     But that's one of the things about roleplay, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, it can leave you on such a cliffhanger. Just sitting there, twiddling your thumbs while waiting to see what will come. For now, though, I need to get some sleep since I have at least one final on for tomorrow. Once I'm done with it, then I'll go back to my usual daydream of what may be mode.


  1. hm, I agree, some unexpected and twists in roleplay are a good thing, while generally some stringent line and inner logic in stories is a good thing too...when you watch your and others' roleplay over years you see unexpected things as well which are only absurd, a bad kind of absurd, if I try to define what I mean: things that seem too constructed, too far-fetched, too imposed where they don´t fit by any stretch - not a surprising idea that has some kind of charm and makes you think' hm yea, didn´t see that come but...hell yea', but kind of hammering the angular block through the round hole unexpected. you´re not talking about that kind of course when you say you love the unexpected, but this is what came to my mind there :)

    1. Ah, no, I understand what ya mean without any definition, since, yes, that does happen, I agree. And it can happen without much thought to it either...until you start looking back, that is :P And good you know that I didn't mean that..awkward unexpected, but interesting that's what it had you think of, but of course, as I said, you are right; unexpectedness can be both good and bad and awkward and all of the above lol