Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paper Slips

    Gah, I was determined to get this up for the last day of National Poetry Month, but, well, I forgot about it until now. Still have fifteen or so minutes, so does still count yes? Maybe it's a bit of a, ah, not so happy poem, but I guess I was sad when I wrote it happens. But I like it anyway and working to get it up before midnight, so meh.

    Little slips of paper scattered all about.
    Not good enough.
    Don't cry.
    Can't help. Want.
    Try. Not good enough.
    Keep quiet.
    And more.
    Alone. Always.
    Take up all the papers, drop them into the bottle.
     Heavy weights drop.
    Forcing them to fit, sealing it tight.
    Bury, hide, don't let them see.
    Don't let them know.


  1. sad yes, but I like it, too. and there is a national poetry month? interesting, good thing. maybe there should be a national book year too, and everyone should have an extra day off from work over the whole year to finish a book until dec. 31st :)

    1. Yup, there's a month/day for everything lol But, oh, yea, that would be something t have for sure like..every other year or so most definitely, especially for the day off *nods*