Sunday, June 9, 2013

SN ~ Virtual Love and Red Rooms

    Another post for Something New and, while the creator, AllysonDywer, has quite a few wonderful new ones out (like the Second Life Love prop) I have for you four of them today. I really do suggest you go and look at her marketplace or actual store as she's got some really neat props and poses. As well they are cheap, sincee she's one of the people who make stuff just because it's fun, believe it or not. And let's not forget there are usually gifts when you join store groups. So you should go buy some of her things as well as join her group. I'm not saying this just because I blog for her store, I'm saying it because it's true. I wouldn't blog for a store I thought sucked or if I thought the creator was just awful. So, until you have a look for yourself, here are a few props. :)

Laptop Lover's Prop

He may have said he thought he was in a guillotine...but, well, what is there to detach his head from?

Charlotte Pose in Chair Prop
^Poppy Pose with Chair Prop^
                                                             ^Madelyn Pose with Mirror^

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