Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water Fae

    Okay, okay, I couldn't resist. The outfit is just too wonderful and I love it and want to wear it all the time, but I can't I'm making do with blogging it and wearing it as I laze about OOC-wise. This is a new release form Wishbox that I just had to grab and I'm glad I did and now I have to share how wonderful it is.
It comes with everything: wings, ribbons, dress. 

The dress is mesh and I'm using the XS.

The leg wraps are mesh, too, and I had to use the XXS. So the dress size doesn't exactly transfer to the ribbon size.
    What I like about is that you only have to provide hair and other basics (maybe some more accessories if you want) and you've got yourself a fae. It also can work without the wings, which is something else I adore since I do plan to use it for my roleplay character should certain situations arise. All I had to do, really, was move the hip bows so that they were on the side lacing. Something else that was handy: the ribbons help hide the small gap between my legs and mesh feet that came form the way the pose was angled. The color is beautiful and I love the ombre effect; it also comes in several other colors, most ombre, some not.

Dress/Wings/Ribbons: [Wishbox] Whimsy (Ocean)
Mesh Feet: **NOYA** -Barefeet-Mesh-
Hair: [Anara Hair] -Talia (Dark Indigo) *Violet and Indigo pack (what I used and where the link goes) is a freebie!*

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