Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Green Light

     The fact that I've only recently read The Great Gatsby probably has something to do with this, which is why I chose the title of this blog as I did. And, hopefully, most of you had this novel shoved down your throats in classes, college or otherwise, as I recently have so you know what I'm talking about. Or in the very least you saw the recent movie.
    In any case, I've also been thinking of how, in SL, we all have our own possibly unreachable light, that goal down the river that is only invisible because of the fog. It's there, we know it is, it is why we joined Second Life, but what happens when you can't reach it? Seeing as this platform is a choice and not a must, many people just don't log in. Especially if you're new and haven't made any really friends or ahvent' found something to make you stick. To be honest, I had almost done that myself.  One day, even the roleplay going on didn't interest me as much and I didn't really have any friends to pester in IM, so, for a few months, I was gone. Maybe two months later, I came back and that's when I met some wonderful people. So I am rather glad I decided to log in again one day. Though there are people who you never hear from again, no matter how much you may like to. The sad part is that you can't be sure if it's just that they decided to not log in or if they've changed accounts or if something bad happened to them. By this time, I've been around long enough to know some who have just disappeared randomly and I can't find out the why. It's worrying, but it does happen.
    But back to our green light.
    Some can see it clearly and may arrive here for building, making clothes or skins, roleplaying, or meeting new people, or whatever else. Others come for some undefined reason and just decided to try to find out what that reason is. But it isn't easy to find that reason to reach certain reasons. Some are easier than others, yes, but others aren't. Though people only realize this once they've logged in and gotten bored. They reach to this goal, hoping to grasp it and do what they set out to, but they don't. Others keep going down this foggy river, looking for what their green light is. Everyone wants a purpose in what they do, but it's never easy to find it.
    I know Second Life isn't for everyone and some even dont' know why others try it, but people need to stick it out if they want to actually do anything. You won't really do much within a few weeks, that's just an unrealistic expectation. (Like Gatsby's want of Daisy to say something specific which I won't say here since, if you haven't read the book or even seen the movie, you should. And I can vouch more for the former than the latter) And those unrealistic expectations can be the death of many virtual lives. It happens every day.
Somewhere in the fog is the green light we all hope to reach.

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