Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    The other day a friend and I were talking about mesh versus flexi hair. Now, I don't remember how the hell we got on this topic, but we did, so here I am. I tend to vouch for mesh...pretty much 100% of the time, though there are times I believe flexi to be better. My friend tends to rather flexi since...well, there's not that many good guy mesh-styles that would work for him. (Mostly he's forever in-character, except when I drag him about, so he has long hair mostly) Now, I like flexi for the merits of it moving and looking all windy and such. So it's nice for long hair at times, yes, but I usually only use it for shorter styles. And that's because I loathe it when my hair decides to go through my stomach and wave at my face. Mesh works for longer and shorter styles, but I really only want it for shorter ones or for ones that are styled in a specific way flexi can't match. Though flexi hair tied in some way, I can work with since it doesn't move about as much. Like I said, each have their merits, but I'm a bit of a mesh fangirl; clothes, hair, whatever. Really short post, I know, but...well, just felt the random want to put this. So, yes, flexi does work for some things, but other times it's frustrating. Mesh can be the same if you can't get sizing to work right and want to cling to your body shape (like I do) but otherwise it's nice. Minus how it doesn't work with some AOs if you've a mesh skirt on, sometimes even long mesh hair looks awkward as when flexi goes through you if you sit a certain way.
Only with flexi hair could I get this...messy look.

On the flip side, if my hair was flexi here, it would be going through me because of my AO.


  1. 'Mostly he´s forever in-character'? nice. lol

    1. *blinks innocently* Well it's true..other than IMs lol and, well, now is a bit of an exemption...but when i wrote this it was true, i swear! :P