Friday, August 23, 2013

Demoness in Ghostville

    So, I went to a place called Ghostville. I think I'm in love. The sim is really pretty with little bits made to look like drawings (even drawn hearts in drawn rain, not that that stayed loaded whenever I tried for pictures, but still) and, even better, lots of clickies! I still have to go back to get more pictures and to click all the things, of course.
    But what had had me find the place was the fat I was looking for someplace that would work for a witch-demon-thingy. On the suggestion of a friend, I was going to try to find some Greek or Roman baths (hopefully without people around as being antisocial dictates :P ) but somehow Ghostville showed up in search and I remember seeing a couple pics from there on two of the blogs I read and decided to check it out. I couldn't have been more happy that I did go. My only issue was...lots of random people and pretty much all on voice. Maybe one or two seemed like they might be taking pictures, that's really the only time I'm not thinking 'flee!' when people are around, but the rest..well... I'm just glad I have voice turned off since I don't even want to imagine whatever conversation they may have been having. Sure, they may have been debating some serious issues, but I highly doubt that...
    In any case, I have pictures that were mostly inspired by this song I recently heard and can't get out of my head. I'll post the pics then the video. Something that should be noted; the black 'smudges' on the third is supposed to be drawn rain drops and drawn hearts, but the textures decided to go into mutiny. Besides that, enjoy. :)

    I'll admit it, the dress and horned crown were from the fantasy gatcha fair, which is closed by now. I had a few lindens that weren't able to really buy anything elsewhere and I kind of really wanted that dress, partially for my roleplay character, so I caved. And for only fifty...I can't argue. Hell, if I only wanted the crown, I got that the first time around and it would have been only twenty-five...but I digress. I still suggest you go visit Ghostville, though, even if picture taking isn't your thing, it is really nice.
    Here's a slurl to help: Ghostville

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