Friday, December 20, 2013


    As I sit here more or less having my dog force me to pet him by laying all over me with pitiful looking eyes and trying to cover my keyboard with a paw, I'm somehow thinking of something a friend and I talked, albeit briefly, about. Sure there was more to the conversation and this bit was really only his words then my short response before moving on, but it was still there.Giving is the real wonderful part of gifts. I mean, like anyone, I like to get things from people and seeing that they know enough about me to know what I may want, is..different. Okay, I don't really volunteer or anything like that, but that doesn't lessen the feeling of seeing how happy something you give to someone makes them. Christmas, while not my favorite holiday for a few reasons, is a perfect time to do that. I love seeing how people are glad to see something I either made them or bought because it called to me, assuming I have the money. Yes, I include my dog in this even though he has as much fun with the wrapping paper as the actual toy :P (It's cute to watch *shrugs*)
    Even in SL terms...text reactions are good, too. Sure text makes it a bit easier to be untruthful, but I really doubt that would happen...and I like to think that I, personally, have a good feel of how someone is meaning their words, even though a few times do conflict with that hope. I am broke, so I can't really get something 'real' for those people, but I did do something for someone that works around that. Small idea, maybe, but an idea that I think was pretty creative considering the confines I was working within and I know that the person who I sent it, more or less, to liked it well enough.
    I'm one of those who don't care if I don't 'get' anything, so long as others I care about do. I like those I care about to have a bit of happiness, if only for a second, as they see something nice. And, admittedly, that makes me impatient and want to give someone their gift right away, but I'm good...well, if you don't count today, that is. But today's...sorta an exception? I think...maybe...
    My point remains: more people need to focus on the giving bit of holidays instead of the receiving. Hell, that might help withe decreasing the crime rate that increases around this time of year. Or at least have it reversed so that people are stealing to give a gift? I don't know, I'm just rambling now and thinking and...mer. Well, in anycase, happy early holidays!

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