Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Little Things

    The little things always have the most impact, if you ask me. The little things that just add some adorableness to a day and help it end on a good note. Now, I go to sleep after the few who I actually consider friends *curses timezones* so my day doesn't always end with a good night that, somehow, has become a sort of...custom almost, unless I go to bed early, that is or someone goes to bed really late. That's actually one of those little things that help with days ending nicely...cause...I don't know. It's just one of those things that, if it suddenly stopped, I'd miss it. Strange, maybe, but, eh...that's how it is.
    Today I didn't go to bed early, obviously, but I went looking at some places I heard of and...I found some things that just made me smile for some reason. I love when people take time with their sims, even if that sim is mainly for a store. The whole sim is just...winter-y and adorable and...I don't know, I just love it.
It's a squirrel! With a nut!
    Maybe I'm easily entertained, but the squirrel is just...aww... And then something else caught my easily attracted eye...
    Looks so sad...but somehow forced me to take a pic of it. Of course there was more, too...
    Ice-skating bears. Yep, exactly. And there's more roaming on the ice, too. :D
    I'll admit it, I went to this sim, not only because some time back I wanted to go look (and didn't even realize it was a store) but because I wanted to check out the Advent hunt on the sim. A free hunt, mind you, which just had me do it all the more. And I'm glad I did, the sim is just so...I just love it. I'm going to have to go back and look around the whole thing, along with another sim I really like sometime. It's nice to find these little unexpected things, a nice start to December I do think....though I'm somehow more interested in the 3rd than 1st for some reasons.

    While I highly doubt anyone really reads this...well, other than one person, that is. Either way, here's the SLurl to Sway's, who's creations look just as cute as her sim :)

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