Friday, March 14, 2014


    I've been somewhat uninspired when ti comes to just normal, deep thoughts. When it comes to any RP char, I've got plenty for least for their thoughts. As it is, I keep wanting to type more for Ry (her modern version) so she might end up with her own blog when I'm done with this, depends if I've got time still for that today, otherwise might be alter. Don't know yet. But, yes, uninspired, much like Charcoal seems to be atm.
Guess he doesn't want pets before I leave, poor thing might be deprived until I return :P
    Though I have been thinking and I feel like writing right now, so here's this: why do some people shy away form extremes while others do not? Personally, I know I tend to negate myself somewhat by adding 'maybe' and 'slightly' to a lot of things, and do not forget how I often say 'whatever you want, doesn't matter to me' when people ask me to make decisions that impact them as well. In one case, I don't want to decide anything major that will affect someone as much as myself, even down to food choices I'm that bad, and in the goes to the fact I tend to stay away form extreme anything. I mean, if someone convinces me to do something with them, I'l do it and probably be glad I did later, but on my own? Don't expect me to chose to go bungie jumping on my own. The reasons for my thoughts goes back to this post in a sense. My bad time at making decisions unless I absolutely have to and my avoidance of extremes, and therefore risks as well, is basically also where this all comes from.
    Someone had made a choice that I couldn't make myself because I'd have felt too awful for that for a few reasons, and because I thought leaving the possibility open would be nice. But mostly because it was a decision that would affect me and someone else, even if only IC really, and because it was one of those extreme things. Now, in theory, there's a chance that, since it came from him, it could be turned back since the reasoning is rather different from what my own would have been. Don't know how he's got this in his head and how it's working, so it may be something that could be changed back or it is permanent. No idea on my end. If the theory of it being able to change back because something or other happens is in fact true, then it makes sense why he was able to do what I couldn't. But, if that is wrong, then...hell, I applaud him being able to do the logical thing. I couldn't because of the uncertainty and I'm still awful with such decisions, but I have gotten better with that kind of thing over the years. I'm not as indecisive, but I'm still not so good with it either. Strangely, even with my dislike of risks, I never have backup plans. I have one plan, as rare as my having a plan is, and I stick to it. I don't like risks, but I don't have backups...don't know the sense there.
    So, really, what is it that makes some able to go to an extreme while others, like myself, stay far away form it? Is it jsut that is resembles risk and it is a feared thing in most cases? Or is it just logicless and some are wired to be able to do and chose certain things that others cannot? I have no idea. I'd like to know, so maybe I can get myself to more easily jump off the theoretical edge and dive into whatever without so much hesitation. Even the small thing I had chosen instead of a large extreme from a while back and that post linked to took a lot of thought and I was tempted to change my mind. Where does the hesitation come from? Why is it easier for some?
    Like I said, I'd like to know, but I don't as of the moment.

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