Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mesh Surgery

    To keep myself from getting all bent out of shape over something small (well, more bent out of shape), I think I will write about something entirely random. Well, not entirely random. My frustration always comes at once, never in small spurts at little or big things, but all at once and usually for a little reason, which sucks...but it's how I seem to work. But it passes so long as I stop thinking over it for long enough. Writing is a sort of therapy, a distraction, whatever you wish to call it, for me. And since people are sleeping, blog-writing and/or story writing really are my only options. So...cue my rambling...
    As the title says, this is about mesh. SL does have its own version of plastic surgery, only less costly and not as painful and it actually makes things look better in some cases. In other cases...well...I'm undecided. Mesh body parts in this case. A friend and I were talking about some various parts and our own opinions on them. Now, I can understand, to a certain extent, the want for them, but most of them...I don't think I would use myself for various reasons.
    Mesh Feet: I like them. I use them. They look a lot less blocky than the default ones. I don't need shoes, so I'm content with these.
    Slink Feet: Now, I list these on their own since they are different. The fact that they can blend a bit better to the legs and have shoes for them, is a plus, so I can understand the want of them. Afterall, they also look less blocky.
    Slink Hands: Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say I caved, but just happened for me to end up with some. How do such things just happen? They just do :P And, yes, I do like them because they do look nicer and they do blend nicely, sometimes. I say sometimes because my friend tried to match them with one of his skins...and it didn't work. Of course there was the fact, too, that there were no appliers, but still. Seems appliers may be more needed for male hands than female, at least that's speculated. Either way, I like them rather much since they are smoother and...just generally nicer. And, I also know, plenty of people already know all this, but, hey, I'm allowed to be late with this :P
    Mesh Heads: I know Slink just released one and that many people are fawning over it but...I don't get mesh heads in general. You only get so many options, so your face looks the same as everyone else's. I mean, some of the expressions look interesting and there is some customization, but...still. I don't feel it with them.
    Mesh Mouths: I have no words since I haven't really seen any...but I don't see the point. Isn't your mouth good enough?
    Mesh Breasts: If you want a fuller look, makes sense, I guess. But...I don't' get much of the point since, unless you have a habit of running around naked, you're covered anyway. I mean, they might be good for no clothes...but with? Eh...not seeing it.
    Mesh Asses: I know of two; the cute azz and the phat azz (think I spelled those right), and...even with the smaller, more 'normal' sized one...I'm not sure I see it. Okay, as was pointed out to me the shape is better than the default. But, with mesh clothes, there are few times people are wearing system layers lately. So it is not as if you really get to see it or anything anyway. I will go with there is some point, but...only so much.
    I know there's also mesh eyes, but I don't think much needs to be said on those since...well, they're eyes and not a 'big', applier-needing thing. I also put them on par with hair and clothes. So, yes, those are at least a summary of my thoughts, what I can word decently, at least, on the various parts. There's more in my head and I am not afraid to change my opinions, but as it stands...only certain things seem to have reason for everyday use; hands and feet really. The hands and feet I get, but the's usually covered, so...still iffy. Probably would have to actually try and see the others but...I'm not in much of a rush to. Of course I hadn't been in a rush to try the Slink hands...and look what happened there. Though, in this case, I can blame someone for this...but blame may not be the right word, as I am happy with my new hands as strange as that sounds.


  1. :grins: things happen. all kinds of things. and it´s all pixels, so...still, I have to laugh aloud when reading all that...mesh mouths...mesh weird stuff to talk about or do, but not really that much weirder than mesh hands :P

    1. Yup, all kinds of things for sure lol And is weird, but..nothing more weird than the other, right :P