Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magic of Makeup

    I've been on a hunt since a long while now to fix up my look for my main RP character, Armalla, since the skin is this freebie skin that just looks awkward in the face because of the eye shadow and lipstick on it. I can't take either off and, by the point I thought to try something, it would've been weird to get a whole new skin for someone rather established. So, I dug through my inventory one day and found a free eye shadow and lip gloss. I tried them and was really happy with what it did to the eyes, the lip not so much, but it did help dull the color and give the lips a better shape that the skin's lipstick hindered. So I've been happy with that, though i have been trying things (all free of course) for the lips, but to no avail and I' kept going back to the original one.
    But, yesterday, as I was perusing the marketplace for whatever reason I stumbled upon this makeup pack with a lip gloss that looked like it would work. Seeing as I did have a few lindens that were for getting things for my Malla-character, I got it. I figure I can use the eye shadows and lip glosses for something else, but that one lip gloss seemed like it might fix my issue. Well...I had to say I'm very pleased with the results. My freebie skin from way back when i started SL actually looks much better and she looks more like how I think she should look.
Left: Without any makeup whatsoever. Right: eye shadow and lip gloss.

    Most people tend to buy skins for different looks, which sometimes can be the only way if you want to look totally different, but just for little tweaks? Make up definitely works, so long as you find the right kind. What I love about what it did for Malla's look especially is that it makes her eyes not seem as round and, well, buggy, but more...normal? And her lips, too, I love that she has more of a natural shape to her lips that moving the slider around a thousand times would never fix. Not to mention the coloring of both. Alright, i love all that it did. Strange enough, in RL, I barely wear make up and, when i do, it's only light eyeliner or light mascara and a sweep of light colored eye shadow. But I can still tell there's a difference. I think it's just something that more should realize (though I know enough do): make up in SL works just like in RL, it can change your look entirely if done right.

And because I really do love the make up and what it did:
Lips: **NOYA** 9 Make Up Options (used the lip gloss #2 from this, but the other options for lips and eyes are neat, too, and I hope to find a reason for them)
Eyes: beauty by alaskametro <3 - Creme duo eyeshadow *eye shadow is a freebie and the store has a handful of other nice makeup for free, too*

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