Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

    So, while my Easter doesn't consist of much nowadays, it did when I was little and I like those memories. Today my Easter is...well, not much like I said. But memories are more so what this holds for me...and my own little silliness. Example being yesterday when I found out about a little Easter themed hunt:

    And in an Oz themed place even. Yes, there is a rainbow bunny there...and a bunny print dress... But in my defense the dress only came about cause it had been a prize form said hunt, so that makes it a bit better yes? No? Well, okay then...
    But this sort of thing jsut brings back memories of when I was little and would do egg hunts with my brother, and a couple years he and I with two of our friends. I remember adoring that, and it was always that the Easter bunny supposedly hid the eggs when we went to church. 'Course I ended up realizing either my dad did the hiding when we went, or they did it before we'd go. And whenever I think of Easter, besides bunnies and eggs and chocolate and jellybeans, I always think of palm reeds and water and incense. I don't think Palm Sunday is on Easter, but I know it's around there so I associate the two anyway. So, yes, some of my associations with the holiday are religious based, but that's just because of how I grew up; thankfully I'm not having to sit and smell incense today since that stuff was never my friend.
     And on the smoke note: any chance anyone who reads this knows exactly why the hell 4/20 is a thing? I mean, if ya smoke weed, you're probably going to do it more than just one day a year. And, honestly, having a specific day for that is just asking for places to have random drug tests the next day. Just saying. But I can't say much too against this since I know some people, more acquaintances than anything, who are taking this day for not only Easter.
     But, yea, I don't know if I actually said this before or not, but holidays have changed meanings the older you get. When you're a kid there's, usually, all this magic and wonder for whatever reason, but as you get older...not so much. But what you do have are the memories, which are hopefully good. Memories are important to hold on to, good and bad, since they make us who we are and shape our relationships. Maybe I put a lot into the merit of memories, but I'm glad to have this outlook. Really.
    So, to those of you celebrating, happy Easter :)


  1. it´s just because everything must have it´s legend, to be cooler, and 4/20 doesn´t come from one day a year actually, but from the time of day, 4:20 pm, when, so the legend, students in california in the 70s met after classes to...relax :P
    I hate incense. hate. if I become pope one day my first edict will be to ban incense from churches ;)

    1. Oh, well, now, that has -some- sense to lol But everything weed related comes from the 70s, should've figured :P
      And oh? That sounds like a wonderful edict, fully agree lol