Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Time was Then

         If they knew what they would leave us, where they would leave us, would our ancestors have made the same choices? 
If they knew we'd be forever trapped behind indestructible bars, would they leave us out to die?

 If they knew what we know now, would they have thought of the now and not the future?
If they could see with our eyes, what would have become of us? Would our future be so bleak?
Did they imagine things would be better by clogging us with their ideas? 
Did they think we would be joyful when our world crumbled in our hands?

How could we free ourselves when the keys were long destroyed?
How could we speak and hope and dream when bars are all we know?
How could things change when we see nothing but our bars?

They kept saying we were their future.
They kept saying we would change things.
They kept denying the now had to be changed.
They passed it onto us.
Years and years and generations and generations; none thought.
Now we are all but prisoners in our minds and hearts and freedoms.
Now we are unable to enact change.
Now we cannot save ourselves for the choices of our ancestors.

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