Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Dark Light

    Sort of related, as much as an epilogue would be to its story, to a short story that yet lacks a middle.

    My mother had been a Light. Pale hair and skin, golden eyes and markings, and the ability to create light from herself. The Lights that came about decades ago have started to dwindle, just like the more 'normal' sorts of lights. She died in an explosion of light, brought up by her expending her energy so far and trying to make things so bright... Things didn't go as she had hoped they would, the world did not start to become light again. In fact, I think it has grown darker. The stars are becoming lesser and it seems the world will be dark and cold, just as the Dark wants.
    People think that the Lights are the sparks of hope that had been unleashed from Pandora's Box, where this all started thanks to the Agency and a few idiots who went down there. My mother used to say that maybe I was the real hope, but also a possible way for the darkness that cloaks the world to grow. I used to look like a Light, but then I changed when I was little, or so my mother and Henry, someone else who didn't want to kill me on sight, claimed. Now my hair is raven black, my eyes midnight, and my markings pitch; I can absorb the Darklings, forgo food when I do, even. People fear me and hate me. Since my mother, Henry, and I  could never find a small group of humans to accept us, not even our own group, they built a small fort. I still live there. Thinking. Wondering.

    My mother said my father had loved star books and maps, even if he'd never seen a sky full of the various constellations he knew by heart. He wanted a starry sky, and my mother did as well. Henry wanted to see a bright blue sky again, since he was alive when the world became to darken, but he died much too soon for it. Part of me wants to bring the light back, if I can. Absorb the dark as much as I can, maybe...turn it all back against the center of all this. Overflow it with its own darkness. Or just try to take it all into myself. I might feel uncomfortable when the light would return, since I know my mother's spectacular death had ended up with me unconscious out for a long while. Henry told me I had been so for nearly a whole day. Light and I do not get along, simply put, and thankfully none of the Lights we had ever come upon actually acted on their threats of killing me as they do the Darklings.

    But...then there's the other part of me. The part of me that wants to have these people all get what they deserve. They turned us away, because they thought me a monster. I could help them if they had allowed me to. The creatures that attack them never attack me until it is too late. Part of me wants to release the darkness I have gathered onto them, darken the skies all the quicker. Somehow I can see the moon and sun in my mind, both casting shadows over the land and sea, even though I've seen neither before. I want to banish those images, banish the hope those people cling on to. 
    Part of me wants to damn them all.
    My mother used to call me a Dark Light, since I clearly wasn't a Light, but not human either. She used to call me that fondly, thinking I could help one day. Fondly, even though my name, Lucetta, means 'little light' and I could not, can not, live up to that name. I don't want to help. But I do want to give Mother and Henry what they wished for, if only after death. They deserve that, but the others don't. Perhaps when I find the center what I should do will just come to me and I'll know. Maybe I'll know when I see this twisted monster that had been unleashed, the thing that killed Zora, my mother.
    Doing either of my options will likely kill me, but I hope whichever I do chose will let me rest in peace.


  1. aah, yes I see now. no just-a-picture picture :grins:

    1. Yea, never just a picture-picture I fear :P