Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Renewal

    I like spring, so long as the weather is springy which is rare around where I live since we tend to skip from winter to summer straightaway. The only difference being that allergies still crop up during spring, no matter how warm. Thankfully at least SL has the appropriate weather, without pollen even. So, yes, I like spring and the newness of everything and seeing things grow and all that. But I don't usually tend to actually do the whole 'spring cleaning' thing, but I've started on that today. Bad habit of mine is to let clutter build in a corner and, even though i know where everything is and it isn't that bad, it's still a bit of an eyesore until I finally push myself to do something on it. To say I'm not domestic would probably be an understatement with how rare the mood to actually clean hits me.
    But I'm working on it yet. I figure it all comes back to my procrastination and all that, so that's a whole other thing to work on in and of itself. Still, I am trying. And this does translate to SL, too, in terms of my very cluttered inventory. I keep starting to sort stuff, delete stuff, but then I stop and it jsut becomes a jumbled mess again. I like to be organized, even if my organization is something only I can understand, it's still a sort of organization. I don't need other people to be able to easily find my stuff, so long as i can, I'm good.
    With spring actually seeming like spring, I am trying more than just spring cleaning as well. I have this list of things I've been carrying around in my wallet since new year's and, well, I haven't done quite a bit of it. I'm going to get a bit more into that now, I think. While it's a list of goals, it does still remind me of this superstition of sorts that I was told about by some speaker person in elementary school; basically write your wishes down on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket/wallet so that it's near to you most times and it'll come true, just don't tell anybody what's on said list. While I'm not sure that actually works, keeping the list close does help me keep in mind what I'm aiming for before the end of the year. Some are more goal-like, and others are just me trying to be a better person. I know I'm not perfect, so may as well try to be better at least. Hopefully I'll get a few crossed off, if not all.
    But seeing as i have the time and probably shouldn't put it off but too much, I'm going to go see what I can do to tame my wild jungle of an inventory.

And just 'cause it's springy, here's a bird.

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  1. Bluey has an easier time with spring cleaning I guess, but we can´t all be birds... :)