Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adventures of Berry the Bear!

Alright, today isn't so much with a free item as a place with a lot of things for taking pictures without having to buy a bunch of items. This place is called Image Essentials (linked SLurl) and has many different props and areas to take pictures in; the areas having props as well. Personally, I love it because I can use shadows and such there without having to worry about SL going 'nope *crash*'. Which is what it decided to do most of yesterday and why I couldn't do this on Friday. I think everything is against me doing it on Friday for whatever reason. So, click that link up there and head on over if you're looking for a place that has many varied places (like a dark forest, a ravine, a cottage, and different studios for groups and singles with different backgrounds and poses). It's really lovely and all that is asked is that you join the group which is free to join. There's even  monthly contest where you can possibly win some lindens if you're pictures are good enough. The pictures at the house are taken in the cottage at Image Essentials.
    Now, I had to use this as a reason to show off my new mesh bear avi that I got as a gift from a friend. I love it so very, very much. It's very customizable in color of fur, backpack color, pen color, if you want the glasses and/or back pack on, and don't forget size. It goes form XS to uber and uber is...well, uber. Very much so. The type of bear you don't want hugging you because it might accidentally squish you. But, I put the XS on, changed it to a blue bear and went on my merry way. And that is how Berry's adventures began.
First Berry decided to go to the store. He had to get close to see how fresh the watermelon was.

He didn't want fruit. And when he saw the candy display, he had to buy it out.

He also found the pie display. Apparently this little blue bear has a sweet tooth.
After wandering, he found a house. And inside were cupcakes! 

Berry then found some pictures. Too bad he's too short to see them all that well.
It was getting late, so he decided to go eat his pie.

And since the house was lacking a bed, the little blue bear took out a towel and slept on that.
After taking his backpack and glasses off, of course.
     I seriously love this bear. And, now that i think of it, he's a mix of my two most favorite stuffed animals, one that I still have. His name is that of my little teddy bear and he's blue, like a giant blue bear I used to have. Hm...actually he can even be the same size as that... That's something I'll have to keep in mind. Until next time on: Berry's Adventures! Who knows what this bear will find (and what sweets he'll eat)!

Here's a link to the bear avatar incase you want some added cuteness to your own wanderings:
Nerd Bear - Mesh Avatar

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