Saturday, July 13, 2013

Positively Yellow, but Far From Scary

    I just now am remembering that yellow is generally the color that represents fear, so I suppose it is actually fitting that the two freebies for today are yellow since I just did the fear meme earlier. Funny how things work out, isn't it? Well, thankfully the items aren't all that scary and lean more to the pretty aspect. As there is no need to fear, let's get on with the first freebie, shall we?
The dress part isn't edited, so what you see is how it looks.
    I actually found this dress from clicking something that looked pretty (that I can't afford, obviously) and following the link to the store. This dress from Envious Creations is mesh, so it has an alpha and come sin multiple sizes: I used the XS, so my guess is that it follows standard sizing even though it doesn't exactly say that. What I love about it is the subtle block pattern. Personally I don't usually like dresses with cubes for the pattern (or yellow as a color for that matter), but this one is done well and the small white band is a nice addition that keeps the dress from being too singular in color. I think this is a nice retro-ish style freebie that just fits for summer. As well, form what I've seen, the rest of the designs from this creator are worth a look.
    This makeup I've had in my inventory since I found the skin from last week and I thought it just worked with the dress because of the yellow in it. This is from the same creator who made last week's skin, Natural Beauty. Now, this eye shadow is in a pack with eyelashes as well...but I'm not one to really use lashes as well they are rather primy. So I'm just sticking to the eye shadow for now.I think it's nicely done and, if you have something with yellow as the main color, it can give your look a little extra something. A bit more eccentric/fantasy type of eye shadow, yes, but nice none the less. Besides, Second Life is generally eccentric or fantasy based, so who would much judge? I also have to say i like the little white dots that ray out from the eye. I don't know why, but they're only a single line whereas the green and yellow have more; it offers  a nice balance.
    And here are the links to this weeks freebies:
Dress: ::Envious:: Sunshine Dress
Eye Shadow: Natural Beauty GIFT-Eyeshadows and 6 sculpted lashes set

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