Saturday, July 6, 2013

Swooning Just a Little Bit

    Yes, I'm posting again tonight. But don't worry, it won't become any spam of posts. Though I'm not even sure if anyone actually reads this thing...well, I know at least one person who does, at least sometimes, but...I mean other people. Eh, well, maybe I should really put the link to my blog and/or Flickr in my in-world profile but I'm shy, like really, really shy. I'll do it sometime though, once I have a friend convince me at least. Yea...I'm something special, aren't?
    Okay, anyway, this post does have a point, even if it's just for me to ramble a bit. I've been swooning over Wordpress for a while. Seriously, I've been looking at blogs on Wordpress and have full-out swooned. It looks pretty and...well, it has a bit more in the option department than this current one I'm using. I even have a blog over there, IC blog, but still. Maybe I'll link it sometime when it's all nice and pretty...but not yet. Again my shyness overtakes my good intentions to share my probably pointless ramblings. Anyhow, Wordpress. I like it. I might switch this blog over to there. Hell, the way things look, I swear this thing might be starting to lean to more fashion blogging. If that happens I might grab one of my friends and ask her to help with that. Once I move to Wordpress. But, for now, this blog is staying here and still just being my random ramblings with...quite a few fashion posts lately. I tried to keep away from doing any for a few reasons. One: I'm shy and I feel a need to ask designers of non-free things if it's okay that I blog something I got because it was pretty. Weird, maybe, but...I kind of did that with the Wishbox Whimsy one...might do the same with other outfits (*cough* store I love too much *cough) that I am thinking on blogging. I hate not asking. I feel bad. But that's me and I'm strange like that.
    Other reasons i tried to stay away from blogging any fashion was because I was...not so confident with my picture taking. I'm still not that confident and I see so many better pictures of things out there that I'm just like 'hoard all the pictures for self!'. But, I don't. I post on Flickr. I post on Flickr because no one looks at my Flickr. Like with this blog. Though, admittedly, I've joined groups in Flickr so...probably people will look more there and, by following links, my blog. So, hi there person who may or may not be looking at my rambling post! I like to share things I write and photograph, but I'm shy. How that works, I have no idea whatsoever. But I'm gaining confidence. Maybe it's because the internet and there is animosity to it? Probably. In RL I would never show anyone besides my friends and family pictures I take or things I write. Complete strangers? Forget it. Strange how few I know through non-virtual means don't see what I've taken the most pictures of, whereas all these people I've never met have. Or haven't, since I still doubt the views on my stuff cause there's only so many ways to get to said stuff.
    Okay, I think I'm done...and completely off track. But my excuse is that it's 4:43 in the morning and I haven't slept all night so I'm prone to rambling. Rambling will probably be the theme today, since if I sleep now I'll waste the whole day away. Though...arguably...being on the internet is a bit of a waste of a day... But I'm being social so none can judge! Too harshly at least.
    I'm really done this time, I swear. I'll stop and save you form whatever else will come from my fingers dancing on the keyboard.

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