Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cue the Pokemon Theme!

    I've finally gotten pictures of a free mesh pokemon belt (that comes with a handheld pokeball, too!) that a friend had pointed me to for a pokemon shoot we planned to do. And we shall do it, too! I've even got the perfect outfit for it now and it's all anime-type-cartoon-thing! Yea...I should be asleep, but I had to get these pictures done. Basically everything that I have linked is free except for the eyeshadow, which is part of a makeup pack I've linked someplace before, and the hair. But the hair is a dollarbie so it's close. The pose comes in a pack that has three and it is available at ploom's Hair Fair booth, so that's only going to be there a limited time unless they make it available at their store as a gift or however. The hair, also, is at a Hair Fair booth, so best to go grab it quick. Both stores, though have some nice styles, so you might want to consider buying some of their hairs if you have the lindens. Or you could go buy from some other creator there. In any case, if you buy something from there, some of the purchase will go to Wigs for Kids. Each booth has a little sign that says how much (minimum 15%) they are donating, though some styles and such vary. And, yes, this is all very way after the opening and so close to the closing...but, well, it happens. You should still go look since the sims are probably not as crowded now.
I attached the pokeball to my left hand, but it normally goes on the right.

I'm going to find at least one; I have a lot of balls to fill.
I could barely typed that with a straight face....

Adorable pigtails + pink cheeks= stereotypical anime girl?
    I really do love this hair, though. The bows are actually optional, but I had to wear them. Probably you could put different things where the bows are if you want to change the 'look' of the hair as it were, which is actually pretty nice since enough hairs won't let you take off the accessories they come with. So, anime, cyberpunk, or just random; whatever you're going for, it should work nicely.

Eyeshadow: **NOYA** 9 Make Up Options (green asian used)
Blush: :*BABY*: Free Starry Night Blush -Berry- tattoo layer (extreme version used)
Hair: eep . hair 012 . green (SLurl to Hair Fair booth)
Belt/Ball: FREE Loki Mesh - Pokemon Trainer Belt
Pose: .ploom. Bones 3 (SLurl to Hair Fair booth)

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